When Should You Hire A Locksmith VS DIY Solutions

Losing a key to one’s home, office or vehicle can be an unnerving experience especially if such an experience occurs late in the night or at other odd hours. Such circumstances call for hiring the services of a professional locksmith.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Locksmiths
Hiring a professional locksmith is a prudent decision for solving problems related to loss of the key. The major benefits resulting from hiring professional locksmiths are as follows:

Professional Service
The professional locksmiths are trained and skilled in dealing with such problems. They have years of experience in dealing with such issues for residential properties, commercial properties, and vehicles. They have the appropriate tools and training which ensured that the lock will not be damaged and will retain its functionality. These professional locksmiths are also up to date with handling and repairing the latest lock systems as the technology is also continuously evolving. They are trained and equipped to handle such situations and provide a suitable solution to lock in and lock out related emergencies.

Round the Clock Service
Locking in and locking out is a professional service. Lock related emergencies can occur at any time and be facing such problems during odd hours can only accentuate the problems of the user. The professional locksmiths are available round the clock on a 24×7 basis. Their services can be availed even at midnight which will solve a lot of problems for the people. The charges may be a little extra for working in odd hours but it is still a very reasonable price to pay compared to spending the night outside one’s home.

Insured and Reliable Service
The professional locksmiths are insured. Thus, in event of any loss to the property during the repair, the agency will bear the loss and pay for it. The services offered by them is also reliable and they can turn up at a short notice.

Professional Advice
In addition to solving lock-related emergencies, the professional locksmiths also provide professional advice on security related aspects. They will suggest the type of locks and home security systems needed at home or office for enhancing the security of the property. They also offer advice on lock management which can enhance the working and the lifespan of the locking system.

Any lock-related emergencies should only be attended by a professional locksmith. Trying to rectify the problem by oneself can cause further damage to the lock and result in buying a new lock system which can be costly. These locksmiths will provide complete solutions to such problems and will ensure one’s safety of the property and peace of mind.

Recommended Locksmiths:

There are many locksmiths that are not reputable. We take the time to vet out the good ones. Here are some recommended locksmiths that are licensed and bonded in Oregon:

Lane Lock and Key – Eugene Oregon

Davis Lock & Safe – Portland Oregon

Bear Creek – Medford Oregon



When Should I Call A Locksmith?


The question whenever you’re doing a project around the home or office is always whether you can DIY it, or whether you want to hire someone else to do the dirty work for you. There are a lot of considerations when you are making this decision, and we’ll do our best to help.

First, is how difficult is the project you’re looking to take on? If you’re trying to rekey your locks, forget about it. We’ve got years of training and experience which qualifies us to do this for you much faster and cost efficient than doing it yourself. If you’re simply replacing interior doorknobs in your home, go right ahead. A few screws and you’re set with the typical install.

Secondly, are the tools required. Do you have everything you’ll need to do the installation yourself? Again, if you’re just replacing interior doorknobs, almost everyone has the necessary tools. A screwdriver is really all you need here. But if you’re trying to replace the deadbolt on your front door – do you really want the security of your home to be left to chance? Why not spend a few bucks and hire a professional locksmith to do this for you? They have the experience and training, and are typically bonded, licensed, and insured.

Last is time. You’re busy. Is it really worth looking up locksmith videos on youtube, gathering up all of your tools, and then making an attempt, only to have to run to a Home Depot twice? Probably not. Locksmiths are typically reasonably priced, good people that have all the tools with them to get in and out quickly, and with the job well done. Here, I’ve even added a video here for you.

If you need a trusted locksmith in your area, there are many resources out there. If you’re in our area, keep our number handy since you’ll want to give us a call. Trust us, you won’t regret hiring a professional instead of doing it yourself.…